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Al Larson Boat Shop

boatNow celebrating 100 years on San Pedro Bay, Al Larson Boat Shop is the oldest shipyard in Southern California. Al Larson serves both commercial and recreational customers and has the experience and expertise to maintain and repair tugboats, government vessels, fireboats, ferries, barges, offshore oil equipment, research vessels, and yachts as well as many other types of marine equipment.

Al Larson Boat Shop in combination with the Al Larson Marina and the Al Larson Boat, Long Beach Facility is a one stop shop for all of your marine repair and outfitting.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality product and service possible to ensure proper operation and function as required by the customer.

Company Profile

Al Larson Boat Shop is in business to provide quality ship repair in a timely fashion meeting or exceeding customer's expectations. It is our intent to understand our customer's needs and our duty to fulfill them.

Contact Information

President: Jack Wall
Vice-President: George Wall
Quality Assurance: Joe Hutchins
Superintendents: Larry Castagnola and Jeff Wall

Telephone: (310) 514-4100
FAX: (310) 831-4912
Postal address: 1046 South Seaside Avenue, Terminal Island, California 90731
Email General Information: jackwall@larsonboat.com
Email Customer Support: joe@larsonboat.com

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