Al Larson Boat Shop

Typically repairs and alterations are performed at our facility in Terminal Island, however, Al Larson Boat Shop can provide a variety of ship repair equipment and personnel to on-site locations as required by the customer.

  • We have a variety of portable welding machines capable to weld many ferrous and non-ferrous metals with many processes and personnel certified by Navy, ABS, and Coast Guard standards.

  • An ultra high-pressure (40,000 psi) water jetting machine capable of removing all coatings and foreign material and equipment and personnel to apply coatings.

  • Our machine shop personnel can perform many tasks onboard vessels including piping, machinery repairs, and removal and installation of equipment.
  • Full electrical support.

  • Shipwright and carpentry is also available.

Al Larson Boat Shop has a number of competent subcontractors and vendors at their disposal that are available to perform specific tasks. Our subcontractors/vendors have performed with ALBS for a number of years and are familiar with the ship repair industry. Many of them are located from the surrounding Los Angeles harbor and local communities.